Terms and Conditions


LJ Dance is the trading name of Louisa Bailey the Principal

New pupils will be offered a free trial class for any dance discipline
A registration form will be issued in order to enrol which must be completed fully.

Completion of the registration form will be taken as acceptance and acknowledgement of all LJ Dance terms and conditions.

It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of pupils to notify LJ Dance immediately of any change of personal details.

Pupils will be expected to attend in the full and correct uniform for their class, which should be named. Hair should be in a bun for ballet or tied back appropriately from the face for tap, modern and street dance. All jewellery should be removed for class.

Uniform details are provided on the LJ Dance website.

Pupils are expected to attend class punctually and notification of absence from class should be sent via text or email.

All pupils under the age of 18 must be collected from their class by an adult.

LJ Dance prides itself on the good reputation it has for the behaviour and conduct of pupils. We expect pupils to be courteous and respectful to their teacher and other pupils.

Any illness or injury to a pupil should be reported to LJ Dance immediately.

Dance examinations are not compulsory but are encouraged as recognition of pupil progression. Those pupils entered for an exam will be expected to attend extra exam preparation in the form of coaching.

For RAD ballet exams from grade 3 upward, two classes must be attended a week in the exam term. Those pupils not choosing to take an exam will continue to progress with their class peers and move up to the next grade.

Entry to examinations and pupil readiness is at the discretion of the teacher.

Should there ever be any issue or complaint, please notify the Principal of LJ Dance immediately in order that the matter can be dealt with effectively and promptly
Invoices will be emailed out before the beginning of each term.

All fees are payable during or before the first week of each term. Fees are non-returnable and will not be remitted for absence
An administration charge of £10 will be levied in the case of late payment of fees.

A full half term’s notice of intention to remove a student from any class is required IN WRITING or a half term’s fees will be charged in lieu. Verbal notice to any teacher will not under any circumstance be accepted
Holiday breaks are NOT included in this period.

In the event of a class being cancelled through bad weather or events beyond the control of LJ Dance then fees will not be refunded; however, every attempt will be made to offer pupils an alternative class.